Patagonia Ballistics - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a License File and how does it work ?

  1. The Desktop & Mobile editions© licensing mechanism is primarily based on information supplied by both the user and the target machine. With this information a User Key is created during the registration process.

  2. This method basically authenticates that the user is registered and thus legally entitled to use the software, by using a special file which contains encrypted information.

  3. Similar to a password, a User Key is a series of characters. It's used to license and to unlock your software.

  4. That information is decrypted by the program as it reads the License Key every time it runs and as long as the original target machine, from where the registration process was executed, remains the same.

  5. The final License Key is emailed to users who have purchased the program and is the final step of the registration process.

  6. This license is valid for as long as the installed version remains the same as the one purchased, and will not expire.

How do I get a License Key ?

  1. Download the setup files ( for both editions, Desktop & Mobile) from this site.

  2. Run the installer on the target devices.

  3. Run the program(s).

  4. Since the program(s) is yet to be licensed, a wizard procedure will guide you all the way through the necessary steps to generate the User Key and send it back to us.

  5. When payment is confirmed and the User Key received, we will get back to you with the final License Key (via email) and proper instructions to use it.

  6. Each single-user License Key permits the product's use by one user on one PC or Workstation. 

  7. We will replace a License Key if the system name changes, provided Updates/Support coverage is current and the license is being used in accordance with its intent.

What should I do if I've paid, but am still unable to run my software ?

  1. Please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email at and will be give you the proper directions to workaround any issue you might have.

  2. We favor email over phone, since all questions and answers are kept in a customer’s record for future reference, which is essential for giving an excellent service.

License Key policy

  1. The license terms governing this application are explained in the EULA, which can be read during the installation process or directly in the About menu of the application. It is a good practice to make a backup copy of both files; the User Key and the License Key in order to prevent any lose due to a hard reset or malfunction of your device. .

  2. If you have purchased a product from Patagonia Ballistics® and you lost the key don't worry. Simply send a request for a new key along with your User Key file (depending on the edition). You usually will have a new key sent to you within 24-hours..

  3. If you have purchased a product from Patagonia Ballistics® and you are upgrading to new hardware we can generate a new key for you. This practice is a courtesy to our customers and it’s done free of charge within the first 2 (two) months since the date of purchase. After that period, a new license must be purchased.


Is the software available on CDs or other media ?

  1. No, and for several reasons.

  2. First, it’s impossible to create a good updating method using CDs since this program’s databases are updated several times per year. And downloading is today a fast, secure and trusted method.

  3. Second, you do not need to worry about missing your setup file, since it’s always available for download, and it's always the latest, tested version.

Is the software I download from this website the full & latest code version ?

  1. Absolutely yes.

  2. Updates for both the program and the databases are provided free of charge to licensed users (during the first year) and may be downloaded from this  website as they become available.

Can the Desktop edition run at a 800x600 screen resolution ?

  1. Of course, however this software was designed to operate at a higher resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Although all functions will work correctly, the user’s experience will not be the best. Please bear this in mind.

Can the Mobile edition run at a different resolution than QVGA (240x320) screen resolution ?

  1. Yes, since it's also designed to run at VGA (480x640) mode of the Pocket PC.

What is the difference between an Upgrade and an Update ?

  1. A software update is made available by free download to customers as a fix for a bug in the software or it is a minor enhancement to the software.

  2. Also, databases are considered Updates in the context of both, Desktop & Mobile editions©

  3. A software update is also called a patch, because it is applied over software that you already have installed.

  4. A software Update is not a full software package.

  5. A software Upgrade, means a major, standalone version of a software product also implies the purchase of the newer version.

  6. Updates & Upgrades are free of charge, no matter your current version of the program.

Do you have any distributors ?

  1. No, the only point of sales and services is this website.

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