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Patagonia Ballistics®

Is a software development group located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, home of Patagonia's infinite domain.

We’ve been developing software since 2001 while keeping a business approach as straightforward as possible: to supply innovative software with high value and great customer support.

We make commitments with care, and then live up to them. In all things, we do what we say we are going to do; while basic we believe this philosophy will keep us in business.

As passionate as we’re about hunting, shooting, reloading and firearms in general, we decided to commit this enthusiasm to develop and market software that could assist as a valuable tool to enjoy this fascinating activity.

Since our hunting grounds are vast, with diverse terrains, we’re used to hunt from the foothills of the Andean mountains to the vast, remote prairies and as a consequence, we placed special attention to long range hunting and shooting, and directed our development efforts to build software that is comprehensive and effective yet practical.

We are always open to hear new ideas, criticism and support requests in order to improve our products and most specially the user’s experience. There is no other way, in our vision, to develop software that people will find affordable, accurate and practical, in other words, valuable, and the key concept governing this small company.

A few words on our unique Region

The Andean foothills of Patagonia with their snow-capped volcanoes and endless mountain ranges, fertile valleys sheltered in its folds and creases, hundreds of either lazy or fiercely raging mountain-born rivers and streams, swaying pastures blooming in spring with abandon, eternal forests meditating in their undisturbed bliss, with impossibly blue-green lakes snaking like a collar of sapphires, emeralds and jade gemstones along the Cordillera.

Turning towards the east into the Central Steppes, enormous expansions swept by fierce winds, sheltered by Patagonia's endless brilliant skies, its only inhabitant’s clouds and Condors - truly, this region is a world within this world. A universe of vast proportions and staggering contrasts.

This majestic region is second only to the Himalayas in size and average elevation. The location this far south on Earth belies the temperate microclimates in and along the thousands of valleys lying tucked between the colossal Cordillera Range.

Patagonia’s fertile soils, the world's largest sweet water reservoirs, the huge petroleum, natural gas and mineral reserves, the highly diverse flora and fauna with hundreds of species, vast areas of pristine nature just sitting there, clean energy production via hydroelectric dams, and a very low population density composed of strong-willed, pioneering people of diverse origins, offer unlimited potential.


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